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Model introduction



As the King of the Warrior family series, it has the military quality; in the environmental adaptability test in the alpine/ high temperature area, hot and humid area, desert and highland area with an accumulated mileage of 1 million km, it can be started smoothly at a temperature of -41·c and its wading depth can be up to 800mm. With the non-loading body struc­ture, it can provide the professional level off-road enjoyment; with the classical time-sharing 

four-wheel drive system, it can be driven at your will. Military vehicle genes are penetrated to every detail; with the distinctive appearance and personal­ity as well as the outstanding off-road performance of the chassis, it can be called as the No. 1 of the sport utility vehicles in China. Five-door version is the special configuration for the sport utility people and vehicle fans, which can climb mountains and pass through all impossible to give you a profes­sional level off-road enjoyment.